Term Definition
Annual Check Survey (ACS) A report which displays the results from an annual comprehensive survey of a site. At the annual visit all measuring points, references and datum are checked.
AnnualYearToDateRanked A report of total annual flow volumes in megalitres ranked from the highest flow to the lowest.
Basin A Basin is a major river catchment. The catchment boundary follows the ridge line of hills that surround the river system.
Basin Summary Provides flow volume, total rainfall and water quality loads for sites that fall within a selected river catchment boundary.
Daily Flow Volume Flow volume in megalitres reported at daily intervals
Daily Total Rainfall Total rainfall in millimetres reported at daily intervals
Daily WQ Loads Water quality loads in kilograms reported at daily intervals
Data Type A number representing the way the data is to be stored and interpolated.
Downloads Reports that are available to download onto your computer
Hazard report Reports on hazards that have been identified at the current monitoring sites and any action that should be taken.
Hourly Maximum Instantaneous flows Flow volume in megalitres reported at hourly intervals
Instantaneous Rainfall Total rainfall in millimetres reported at hourly intervals
LogPearson Log Pearson Type 111 analysis which can be used to estimate the magnitude of events such as the 100 year flood. For more information - refer to: Log-Pearson analysis, as described in Australian Rainfall and Runoff Volume 1 (Revised Edition 1987), Section 10.5.
MonthlyYearToDate A monthly summary report of flow volumes in megalitres.
Outfall Flow Provides daily flow volumes for each "end of catchment" site listed and the daily total flow volume for all listed sites.
Quality Code A number which represents the quality of the data that it applies to.
Rating table A table unique to each site which is used to determine flow from water level.
Site A location where a water monitoring program has been implemented.
Telemetry data Data that has been collected from the logger in the field but is unverified
Variable Code A number which represents anything that is monitored such as rainfall, water level, flow or water quality determinants.
Work program Describes the schedule for all sites in the current water monitoring program.
WQ Raw Data Raw water quality data reported at the date/time collected
Work Program